Focus on Quality and Environmental Stewardship

 Quality is not negotiable. Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd. has built a reputation for supplying Alloys to the highest quality and safety critical standards. We have been supplying the automotive industry with “Safety and Quality Critical” Alloys for more than four decades.We are an ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001-2015 certified organisation as well as a SOLAS / SAMSA accredited shipper and we comply to the RoHS directives.

Our analytical equipment consists of the latest spectrographic instruments supplied by a leading analytical company.

Falcon Smelters (Pty) Ltd. have developed a system whereby we utilise the entire product chain, including any by-products.
All by-products are re-worked and recycled which means ZERO WASTE PRODUCT TO LANDFILLS, which is a first in the industry.
This holds a unique competitive advantage for the company due to the fact that other industry players are facing the challenge of no longer being allowed to move their waste to landfill sites.

Quality Policy

As a manufacturer of quality Aluminium Alloys to the automotive industry, Falcon Smelters prides itself as a world class supplier in both the domestic and international markets.
The management and employees of Falcon Smelters are committed to meeting the requirements of our customers and enhancing customer satisfaction. The Company is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by using quality procedures and ongoing training to meet the requirements of ISO 9001-2015, as well as legal and regulatory requirements.
By their commitment and leadership, The Management Team of Falcon Smelters will be responsible for establishing, implementing, integrating and maintaining the Quality Management System. With a strong Customer focus and commitment to continual improvement by setting quality objectives and by addressing risks and opportunities, Falcon Smelters will ensure that Customers’ needs are continually met or exceeded.

Environmental Management Policy

As a manufacturer of quality Aluminium Alloys to the automotive industry, Falcon Smelters recognises the environmental impacts of its activities and aims to manage and to minimize these by implementing the ISO14001-2015 Environmental Management System.Falcon Smelters is committed to the protection of the environment, not just from our direct activities on site but through our use of sustainable natural resources and preventing pollution through reducing and eliminating sources of pollution. It is committed to continual improvement of its Environmental Management System to enhance environmental performance and conforming with its compliance obligations.

Falcon Smelters seeks to influence all parties in the life cycle of its products and services, and create an environmentally friendly ethos amongst its staff, contractors and suppliers.

The company’s Environmental Policy is fully supported by its Senior Management Team. All staff and subcontractors share this responsibility and are supported by key staff that promote best practice, improvement and monitor performance. We encourage further environmental improvements by engaging with our employees.

This will provide an ongoing focus, create a sense of ownership and a constantly relevant strategy to improve our environmental performance measured against objectives.